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The Levy Tyller & co. law firm represents a vast majority of banks in Israel, including their various departments: Bank Ha’poalim, Bank Leumi, Union Bank, Bank Discount, First International Bank, Bank Mercantile Discount, U bank, Industrial Development Bank of Israel and Bank Otsar Ha’hayal. The law firm tackles bad loans problems, while utilizing sophisticated litigation, from realizing collaterals in district courts and in the execution bureau up to ongoing dissolutions of mega-corporates.


The Levy Tyller & co. law firm is highly experienced in the fields of bond and securities enforcement and collateral realization, the appointment of receivers, liquidators and officers on behalf of banks – as creditors, on behalf of courts, in a wide array of roles and fields, including recovery arrangements. The firm represents companies and individuals in purchasing assets under receivership and in representation before various officials.


The law firm has extensive experience in providing close legal consultancy to large and medium companies: business transactions, preparation of legal documents, correspondence, tenders, acquisitions, agreements, contracts, representation in legal actions, business disputes, industrial relations disputes etc.


The law firm has extensive experience in handling civil law, monetary and contractual claims in various matters, providing legal defense, various temporary remedies, such as: restraining orders, provisional attachments, interim proceedings, civil appeals, managing complex litigation proceedings before each and every count and before arbitrators in the fields of civil law, commercial law and banking law. Hundreds of appearances and representations in legal cases, some of which were precedents, before various courts, including the Israeli Supreme Court and the Israeli High Court of Justice.

 Real Estate:

The law firm has an extensive and diverse experience in the field of real estate and real estate properties, construction and contracting transactions, entrepreneurship, sale and purchase of properties, betterment tax and property management, succession laws and management of private and family properties. The Levy Tyller & co. law firm represents property owners, contractors and the Israeli Land Administration (central district).

Inheritance and estate execution:

The law firm has extensive experience in handing wills and testaments and inheritances, including the provision of representation in legal proceedings and complex inheritance disputes. During the course of its operation, the law firm gained expertise in the field of estate execution, including large scale estates and a wide range of assets, both in Israel and worldwide.

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